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Gerard Manley Hopkins

The eroticisation of the working-class male body in Hopkins' poetry with a bearing on sado-masocism and Freudian psychoanalysis.

Written by Natasha Booth-Johnson.

Evelyn de Morgan

This second-wave Pre-Raphaelite artist often painted androgynous depictions of death, configuring Death as a figure beyond the conventions of gender. 

Written by Cecilia Rose.

Female Husbands (Review)

Jen Manion's 2020 book dives into a number of individuals who travelled across boundaries of gender and sexuality, appearing to have used this to marry women.


Review by Phineas Humphris.

Sophia Parnok

This Russian poet penned beautiful poems about Jewishness, Russian identity, and lesbianism but has often been overlooked by scholars.


Written by Rebecca Boyd

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